How To Create A Spooky Halloween Table Cover

Published : 20/10/2011 00:54:27
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If you're planning on having a Halloween party in a couple of weeks then one of the things you might be thinking about is the table decoration. Perhaps you're planning on having a buffet table with bits and pieces for everyone to help themselves from, in which case, if you have children why not get them to decorate their own table cover?

Simply pick up a black table cover, and spread this out. Next you'll need some glue - either a glue stick or a spray will do. The easiest way of decorating your own Halloween table cover is to use a glue stick to draw some spooky shapes such as pumpkins, ghosts and bones. Then get some glitter and sprinkle this over the glued areas, shaking off the excess afterwards. Orange glitter for pumpkins, and silver glitter for skeletons, bones and ghosts makes for a great look. Try green glitter for a spooky hand or gravestone! How To Create A Spooky Halloween Table CoverIf you want slightly crisper images then simply print off some black and white templates of pictures such as skulls and pumpkins, then cut out the shapes, creating a template. Lay this over the table cover and use a spray glue before sprinkling the glitter over the area.

This can be really effective, although obviously make sure the area is well ventilated, and don't let children use an aerosol glue without adult supervision. If you do create a Halloween table cover, please send us in a photo as we'd love to share your creations with all our readers! Don't forget to grab some candles (black look fantastic!) and a few spooky decorations such as a pumpkin in the middle of the table! For some great tips on creating your own Jack o'Lantern pumpkin face check out our recent blog post.

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