How To Create Your Own Candle Jars For Summer Evenings

Published : 23/08/2012 12:33:35
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How To Create Your Own Candle Jars For Summer EveningsYesterday I wrote about a great idea for creating colourful and quirky lights for children's parties which combined the magical flickering of candles without the flame.

Today I thought I'd remind you to eat more jam. Stay with me on this, there's a point, honest. You know how it is on a calm summer's evening with barely a breath of air to stir the honeysuckle, you place a few tealights on your garden table and sit back with a glass of wine, a few friends and a happy evening ahead.

At which point a gentle force ten breeze whips up from behind the nasturtiums and blows out all your candles. Occasionally you'll also find a little bit of wax gets blown out too, and cleaning that up the next morning isn't fun. Of course the shops are only too happy to sell you candles which come in glass jars, although these are often considerably more expensive, and the top of the candle is still flush with the top of the jar, which means that any gentle breeze is still going to blow it out pretty easily.

Yet here we all are washing out our jam jars and other glassware so that they can be recycled. Why not save those glass jars and use them for putting tealights in? At the simplest level all you have to do is to wash out the jam jar, drop a tea light into it, and then light the wick. Any breeze capable of blowing that out is likely to be strong enough to force you indoors anyway. And it can look really pretty in the evening with the light from the candle reflecting on the glass. But there are ways in which you can make it look even better.

Here are a few ways you can decorate your jam jars so they look a little less like jam jars:  

  • Use acrylic paint or special glass paint to either colour the whole of the glass (on the outside only of course) or paint a pattern on it. Try painting coloured rings around the glass for example.
  • Get some brown twine - the old fashioned stuff that's supposed to be used on exciting parcels wrapped in brown paper - and tie this in a bow around the screw section of the jar.
  • Glue a doily around the outside of the glass jar.
  • Glue/tie some pretty ribbon around the outside, or even wrap it round the glass in a spiral pattern.
  • Use glue to create dots or a pattern and then sprinkle glitter on the glue.
  • Print off your own labels which include names, words or slogans and glue these to the jars. For example, 'Peace', 'Love', 'Friendship'.

  Another idea you can use is to keep baked bean tins. Wash them out, then paint them with emulsion (a nice gloss emulsion works well, especially in a pastel colour). Then use a drill to carefully pierce the sides to create a perforated look. Drop a tea light inside and you have a really pretty candle display. If you do make your own candle jars, do please take a photo and send it in - we'd love to show off your handiwork on our blog!

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