How To Do A Cake Smash Photo Shoot At Home

Published : 27/04/2016 18:44:29
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Cake Smash Shoots are an ever-growing 1st birthday tradition.  A fun way to capture the joy of the day, plus a fantastic source for photos to bring out on their 18th, having a cake smash photo shoot at home as a celebration on your baby’s birthday is a wonderful thing to do.

While you are able to book a cake smash session in with many local photography studios most parents are now choosing to do a cake smash photo shoot at home – partly to keep the costs down, but mainly as it gives you full creative control over how the photos come out.

While the task of setting a photo-shoot in your kitchen may appear a large one, we are here to assure you it really isn’t. 

By following these simple ‘How to do a cake smash photo shoot at home’ hints and tips you will be able to create magical photos and memories that will last forever

How To Do A Cake Smash Photo Shoot At Home – Top Tips


  • Prepare the immediate area of the photo-shoot with plastic sheets – disposable tablecloths work great for this.
  • Use a plain white bed sheet or large piece of white card for your backdrop. Simple backgrounds allow the focus to stay on baby.
  • Professionally made cakes will always photograph better, however if you are making your own then using bold colours for the icing will work best in the photographs.
  • Avoid red or brown frosting as these can unfortunately end up looking like unpleasant body fluids
  • Ensure the cake is at room temperature before starting the shoot so it is easy for baby play with
  • Move around and take shots from lots of different angles, including from above and in-line with baby.
  • Ensure help is on hand pulling faces behind you to keep baby smiling.
  • Get creative with your props. Vintage cake stands, tutus and superhero masks are some of our favourites from the shoots we’ve seen.
  • And finally, have lots of towels, baby wipes and a nice warm bath on standby for once it’s all over.


How To Do A Cake Smash Photo Shoot At Home – Allergy Ideas


  • Cake isn’t always an option for some due to allergies or lifestyle choice. In lieu of cake you could consider using
  • Bowls filled with whipped cream with sprinkles on top
  • Dairy-free yogurt and mixed berries
  • A fully loaded, nut-free, banana spilt
  • Trays of baby safe paints and a blank canvas of white paper on the floor.



Most of all though, have fun with it. This is a time for celebration and happiness. Go with the flow and savour every last moment of the experience.  As long as you are relaxed doing your cake smash photo shoot at home baby will be too.

Are you planning a Cake Smash photo shoot at home within 75 miles of Southend? Why not speak to us about a customised cake perfect for you and your little one.

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