How To Fill Children's Party Bags On A Shoestring Budget

Published : 27/02/2012 09:00:02
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Tinkerbell Hand Bag Design Party BagsChildren's birthdays can be very expensive, with many children's birthday lists now well into three figures. When you multiply that by several children and then throw in birthday parties as well the whole thing can become a financial nightmare. It's when your child happily announces that they want to invite all twenty of their best friends that you start to add up the cost of the party, and one of those elements which can make a real difference to the budget is party bags.

Birthday party loot bags are a tradition that's been around for a long time, and today children pretty much expect to go away from a friend's party clutching a bag of goodies. It might seem an odd tradition, but it's one you break at your peril! On the basis of throwing a half dozen small toys into a bag, each of which costs about a pound, twenty party bags can easily cost over £120, which is often more than many people can afford to spend on their own child's birthday presents! But there are ways of reducing the cost of party bags, and in today's post we're going to look at a few of these tips which will help you to ensure that your friends walk away happily clutching a full party bag, yet you don't have to spend anywhere near as much as you might fear.

1. Get some of those cheap coiled streamers and pull them apart, using this to pad out the party bags.Children won't mind the fact that they have fewer toys and sweets if they have the added fun of hunting for them! Throwing a few coloured streamers into each bag only costs a few pence, but if it means reducing the number of toys by one, that's £20 saved.

2. A small handful of sweets tend to get lost at the bottom of a party bag, but if you get a small paper cup and put the sweets inside, covering the top with cellophane this will help make more of the sweets, and save you a further toy, saving another £20.

3. Rather than buying twenty toys for £20, make a batch of gingerbread biscuits and use icing or small sweets to spell out each child's name. Children love personalised things with their name on, and a batch of 20 gingerbread biscuits will only cost a few pence to make, and you may well have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. Each biscuit can replace a toy, saving you another £20. So far these three tips have brought the cost of twenty party bags down from £120 to just £60, effectively halving the cost. But there are other ways of helping to reduce the total. For example, you can print off some colouring sheets from the web. There are plenty to choose from - just check out these for example: If you also make sure that each of the party bags has the child's name on then you can use these to store any prizes won during party games. Rather than spending £20 on prizes and a further £20 on another toy for the party bag, make sure that when a child wins a prize it's placed in their party bag. This will save you yet another £20, bringing the cost of twenty party bags from £120 to £40. If you're looking for affordable party bags for children then check out our site, where you can find a whole range of great loot bags to choose from, as well as a huge selection of low cost party bag gifts. We can even fill them for you too!

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