How To Fold A Napkin - The Tie Fold

Published : 19/09/2011 13:25:28
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This is a fantastic way to fold a napkin as it transforms an otherwise plain square of material into a realistic looking tie. Great for weddings or business meals, or just for fun at home with friends. Your mother always told you not to wipe your face on your tie when you were at school, but now you can without suffering any social disgrace!

Although it isn't particularly difficult to do it is best to use cotton or silk napkins for this as some man-made fabrics such as polyester tend to be fairly thick, and don't fold or layer quite as easily. Having said that, if polyester or a polyester mix is all you've got then simply do your napkin folding on the ironing board, giving the napkin a quick press each time you create a fold. Coloured or even patterned napkins can look great as they make very realistic looking ties.

Step 1

Lay the napkin out diagonally so that one of the corners is nearest you.

Step 2

Take the corner on your right and fold it across to the left a little over halfway. Don't press or iron this fold just yet as you may well need to adjust it a bit in a moment.

Step 3

Now take the corner on the left and do the same thing, bringing it across a little over half way. Try to even up the two folds so they are as symmetrical as possible. Once they're all symmetrical and even you can press the folds down.

Step 4

Now fold the right hand side across to the left, a little over half way again. This is easier if you are using a cotton or silk napkin, otherwise you may need to use an iron - but not yet! Again, you may need to adjust this fold a little in a moment.

Step 5

Bring the left hand side across in the same way, and then even up both new folds to make sure they're perfectly symmetrical. Once they are you can press or iron these folds.

Step 6

Take the top third of the napkin and fold it across to the right to make a ninety degree fold.

Step 7

Carefully turn the napkin over.

Step 8

Finally take the top third and wrap it around the front, then tuck it underneath. And there you are - a great looking napkin tie that's almost good enough to wear!

You could try experimenting with different colours, or even give each guest a different tie should you have a selection. Although this fold doesn't look as good using paper napkins, this is still possible, and is a cheap way of giving every man a different tie. If you're creating this fold for weddings, giving each man his own napkin tie, then you'll probably want to give the ladies a nice looking napkin fold too. Check this blog regularly as we have lots more napkin folding ideas ready to share with you, and we're sure you'll find one of them ideal.

Why not send us a photo of your table laid for dinner if you choose to use this napkin fold? We'd love to see your creativity!

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