How To Get Some Free Drinks This Weekend

Published : 11/11/2011 18:38:19
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How To Get Some Free Drinks This WeekendIf you're anything like me then the only real problem with a good drink is having to pay for it. It seems undeniable, but a free drink definitely tastes better than one you've had to fork out your own hard earned money for. So how about getting a few free drinks this weekend? If that sounds like a grand idea, read on - this could well save you a packet. Of course, it could lose you a few friends too, but we take no responsibility for that at all!

Free Drink #1 So you're sitting at the bar, or at a table, and you spot a drink you fancy. Perhaps it's a traditional old pint of Blithering Idiot or Old Leghumper (both real beers in fact!) or a wee dram of the old Scottish water. How do you make it yours? Here's how. Find yourself a hat. Pop it over the drink, covering it completely.

Now bet your friend a round of drinks that you can drink the entire contents of the glass without touching the hat. Once he's accepted the bet then move your head down to behind the hat and calling upon your best Shakespearean acting make some glugging and gurgling noises before sitting up straight and licking your lips, announcing the task done, and instructing your friend to get the promised round of drinks. Of course, your friend will be a little sceptical, and may even go as far as to suggest you didn't drink anything.

In which case you tell him you can prove it, and that he can remove the hat himself to prevent any trickery on your part. As soon as he removes the hat, pick up the glass and drain the contents. There - you just drank the whole contents of the glass without touching the hat! The best thing about this betcha is that not only do you get to enjoy your friend's drink, but you get a free round of drinks for doing so!

Free Drink #2 If you see a dartboard available, try this one. Bet someone a round of drinks on the outcome of a game of darts, and tell them that because you're so confident of winning they can double their score every time. They'll almost certainly take you up on this, and as the game progresses they'll seem to be doing very well, scoring 20 not 10, 100 not 50 and so on, whilst you score yourself normally. Of course, the sticking point will come when they try to win by reaching the winning score of 501, because when you double your darts scores you can't ever hit an odd number, which means they can never win!

Free Drink #3 This bar betcha is a little more cerebral than the others (which isn't easy to say if you've already downed the drinks from the first two betchas above). This one is based on psychology, and seems so preposterous (another hard to pronounce word by now) that most people are willing to bet you a drink just to prove that they're cleverer than most.

However, it's often those who are confident in their own performance that end up having to buy you a drink. All you do is to bet someone that they can't answer five questions incorrectly. In other words, they have to provide wrong answers to any five questions you ask them. Those five questions could be anything from, 'what's your name?' to 'name a popular household pet'. It seems easy, until you try it. Most people get question four wrong, or rather, they answer question four correctly. Which is wrong. If you see what I mean. Almost nobody ever manages to get all five questions wrong. So there you have it, three easy ways to guarantee yourself at least three free drinks this weekend. It's a service we provide!

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