How To Have Festival Themed Birthday Party

Published : 08/05/2016 16:01:32
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Between Coachella, Glastonbury and V Festival there is no end of festival themed birthday party inspiration around this summer…

…if you are thinking of taking your celebrations outside then this ‘how to have a festival themed birthday party’ guide is the one for you.


With all good parties it’s good to set the tone of the event right from the start.  Ensuring your invitations reflect the theme of the party is a fantastic way to do this.

Sending out invitations is the first chance to flex your creative flair when it comes to planning your festival themed birthday party.

You can find so many fabulous festival themed invitations online these days.  We love the idea of sending all guests a wristband to wear on the day!


Planning entertainment for your festival themed birthday party will be so much fun, the only limit to what can happen is your imagination.

Do you have musical friends? Why not set up a stage in the garden and get them all to play a set. If you are feeling adventurous you could even arrange a little ‘battle of the bands’ competition for them all to compete in. 

For those without friends in bands then an outdoor speaker and a 5 hour festival playlist will work wonderfully as well.

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Food & Drink

Festival food is all about convenience and ease. Your guests will want to be able to eat on the go while listening to the bands or dancing to your festival playlist.

If your festival themed party budget allows then you could hire in a pizza van and candyfloss machine – and for a slightly more low key affair a BBQ always works a treat.

For the drinks you cant go wrong with giant plastic tubs filled with ice and water to put your drinks in for an open bar. Everything about your festival themed birthday party should be relaxed and easy.


Designing a cake for your festival themed birthday party is where you can really start to have some fun. 

Our personal favourite is a Wellington boot cake, however you could also choose to have a custom-made cake in the style of a tepee, main stage (complete with band) or even maybe a hippy-style floral design if you festival of choice is more Glastonbury than Tee In The Park.


All that’s left of your festival themed birthday party planning is the decorations. 

Fill your garden with tepees, fairy lights, hay bales and bunting for a festival themed birthday party people will never forget.

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