How To Help Your Children Become Louder

Published : 09/02/2011 16:41:22
Categories : Party Games and Ideas , Party Planning and Entertainment

If there's one problem almost all parents face it's trying to help your child become louder. Such perennial despairing cries of, "Will you please just shout louder!", or, "Can't you turn that music up for a while?" echo across the land. Rock Star MicrophoneMeanwhile, back in the real world..! If it's your child's birthday party, a karaoke party, High School Musical party, Rock Star Party or 50s party, why not pick up an inflatable microphone or rock star microphone, and give your guests or your children's friends what will probably become one of the most used props of the night! The inflatable microphones are 11 cm long, and the rock star microphones are also 11 cm long.

The rock star variety also happens to be bright pink and glittery - definitely a better choice than a hairbrush or a wooden spoon. One of the best advantages of these joke microphone props is that they don't actually amplify people's voices. However, they don't actually help improve people's voices too - no BGT or X Factor tone correction facilities here!

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