How To Host The Perfect Party - David Miliband Style

Published : 21/08/2010 18:40:07
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Where would we all be without the eminently helpful advice published recently by David Miliband on how to host the perfect party? Perhaps you read recently that the would-be Labour leader recently published a six page dossier on how to host a party, ostensibly so that members of the Labour Party can hold more successful parties.

A quick glance through this momentous tome reveals a number of excellent tips which would otherwise see many of us holding parties which would be little short of catastrophic social disasters. For example, one of the first bits of advice which is recommended in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable party is to invite some guests. The advice continues by recommending that one of the ways in which you can do this is to give them a call. Now, I bet you didn't think of that did you?

That party you had last week would have been so much more enjoyable had you remembered to invite some guests, wouldn't it? David Miliband also offers some curt advice for dealing with those guests who may say that they'll be coming, but fail to turn up. The advice is to scold them, and to let them know how disappointed you were to be let down by them, even if they're your friends. They'll be much more likely to accept your future party invitations if you do, I'm sure.

You know that awkward moment when guests turn up on your doorstep and you have no idea what to do? David's top tip is to invite them in, and to take their coats before offering a drink. I always get that wrong, offering drinks to the coats whilst leaving my guests standing on the doorstep all night. Make sure you read David's advice carefully lest you fall into the same social mire in which I have evidently been stuck thus far.

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