How To Let The Kids Have A Cracking Christmas

Published : 05/12/2010 18:20:01
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As 20% of Advent passes and preparations for Christmas get well under way, one of the exciting tasks is to choose the Christmas crackers. Already shops are filling with the usual selections, almost all of which can be guaranteed to include novelty items that will either prove wholly useless or be fought over in a bitter battle which will threaten even the strongest relationship, and a selection of jokes which will elicit the traditional responses ranging from groans of pain to remarks about how some fool has the easiest job in the world, recycling previous years' jokes time and again.

But isn't it funny than Christmas is so very much geared towards the young, from Father Christmas to snowball fights, stockings and piles of battery operated presents to back to back Disney films, yet when it comes to Christmas crackers, (or Xmas crackers if you so please) children tend to be rather left out. First of all there are the jokes, which usually either go way over the heads of anyone under the age of 7, or which are so old even those under the age of 7 are sick of hearing them rolled out each and every year. Then there are the gifts. peppa-pig-christmas-crackersVery few young children can muster up enough enthusiasm to become giddy with excitement at the prospect of winning their very own pair of toenail clippers. As for the set of screwdrivers - be prepared to find a great many electrical gadgets around the house dismembered over the course of the next few days.

However, we are pleased to offer a solution as far as festive crackers are concerned for the Peppa Pig and Thomas the Tank Engine generation. The answer? How about a cracking box of Peppa the Pig Christmas crackers, and Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas crackers? These fun filled boxes are designed with children in mind, which is a great idea as far as Christmas items are concerned. The boxes contain a selection of activities, the crackers are suitably decorated and the contents far more geared towards children than a miniature picture frame or bottle opener.

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