How to Limbo at your Hawaiian Party

Published : 20/03/2009 07:55:31
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

If you're throwing a Hawaiian party, then a party game your guests may expect to be playing is limbo. Fortunately for you, even if you've never played before, this is one party game that is easy to learn how to play.

The preparation of the game is simple. All you really need is a long stick, something like a broom handle and two people to stand on either side of the stick. Alternatively you can buy a Limbo Party Game with CD party pack to get your evening off to a swing - at least this way you won't have to rely on any one holding the stick. In order to play the game, players limbo under the stick, dancing along to upbeat tempo of the music, something appropriate for your Hawaiian party theme.

After all of the players get under the stick and circle around back to the front of the line, to continue the party game, the stick holders lower the stick by about two inches each time. The lower the stick gets, the harder it gets to get underneath it without touching the pole. If the player hits the pole with any part of their body, or if they fall onto the ground, then they are out and must step out of line.

The person that clears the lowest level of the stick is the winner. It may sound simple, but once that stick is only about a foot off the ground, you're going to find just how limber you really are, or aren't as the case may be!

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