How to Make a Great Soup for a Winter Party

Published : 15/03/2009 13:39:41
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Nothing warms you up after a few hours outside in the arctic temperatures like a hot bowl of homemade soup. And nothing smells so good when you walk in the door as soup cooking on the stove. It's a great way to warm up the whole family, and a great party theme.

My wife makes a mean turkey, chicken, and split pea soup. She also does a great potato soup, but to me that does not have the same aromas as the others do. Our family all knows to save the bones from any hams or turkeys, because they will be put to good use. I don't know how long she actually boils the bones, but this part of the party does seem to drag on for a bit. Wine seems to be a critical ingredient at this stage, not so much to put directly into the soup but rather to help the cooks do their jobs. If younger nieces are present, plastic glasses with grape juice are also used. My wife's sisters often attend these soup parties, and the wine helps to keep them from each other’s throats with sharp knives.

While the bones boil, water is added to the stock. Vegetables are cut to be added to the stock. In particular, celery and onions are favourites. Garlic shows up from time to time as well, depending on which interpretation of their mother's recipe the ladies are following.   Once the stock is done, any remaining meat is picked from the bones and added to the soup. Other vegetables, such as carrots, peas, and sweet corn, are added at this time too, with any seasonings. Noodles? Pick your favourite. So, quick, before the weather warms up (will that ever happen this year?), round up some friends or family and get that soup party cooking!

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