How To Make A Harry Potter Wand At Home

Published : 16/03/2012 09:00:22
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There's no doubt about it, Harry Potter is one of the biggest entertainment franchises there is, and children of all ages are still very much obsessed with this boy wizard. With the Harry Potter film sets about to be opened to the public there's much excitement amongst the fans. But one of the problems for parents is that even a fairly simple wand costs £25! Visit the Harry Potter studio tour website than paying some massive corporation a huge some of money for a plastic wand, why not spend a bit of time having fun making your own real wooden wand at home?

The result will be a very special, unique wand that contains a good deal more magic than any shop bought wand. First of all, head off into the woods. Yes, you could pop out to the garden, but that's not quite as magical. Head to the woods, and go off the beaten track. Find a stick that's around the right size for a wand - about a foot long or so. it doesn't need to be straight, in fact if it's a little crooked that all adds to the unique charm.

Bring it home, and using a craft knife slice off any twigs sticking out of the main stick. Then very carefully use the knife to slice off the bark. You will now need some sandpaper. A very rough piece is ideal to begin with, finishing with a much finer grain at the end. Use the sandpaper to smooth the stick all over, including both ends, creating a rounder shape. Don't try to create a completely featureless stick, make sure you keep any knobbly bits, but just smooth them all out. When you're done, use some wood stain to coat the stick. You might need a few coats.

Finally, finish off with a coat or two of varnish, and you'll have something really special. If you want to you could tell your child that to make it truly magical it must be left outside wrapped in sage under a full moon at midnight. This probably won't make any difference, but your child's imagination will be truly fired up, and you can be sure that this wand will not just be played with for hours, but will probably be treasured for life, and certainly for longer than any child's plastic toy will be around.

Yes, it takes time, but that's something far more magical than money, surely? If you do decide to try this out, please do send us a photo of your magic wand so we can share it with our other readers. Here's one we made for our little boy wizard! A home made magic wand

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