How To Make A Non Alcoholic Traffic Light Cocktail

Published : 12/09/2010 16:30:04
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In the past I have come across a number of different recipes used to create a traffic light cocktail. These are cocktail drinks poured into tall, thin glasses, where the liquid is divided into three distinct sections, red, orange and green. But these cocktail recipes all include alcoholic ingredients, and I was recently thinking how popular a traffic light cocktail trick that was non alcoholic would be with children. So after a little research, quite a bit of experimentation, and a fair bit of mopping up, here is the solution.

All I ask is that you have a go yourself, and send us photographic proof of your success! We promise to publish your tricolour work of art on this blog. All you need other than a tall thin glass are three types of liquid: a red berry cordial, orange juice and green food colouring. If you mix these three liquids together, then they will combine together into a rather unappetizing, unappealing mess. But if you pour them in carefully, very slowly, and in the right order, then you should end up with a traffic light drink.

Orange juice is the densest and heaviest liquid, so pour this in first, up to around a third full. The cordial is next, and so gently pour this in on top of the orange juice. The best way to do this I have found is to actually use something like a pipette or turkey baster, squeezing or pouring liquid against the inside of the glass just above the top of the liquid.

Finally, mix the green food colouring in some water, and as this will be the lightest and least dense liquid, this goes on top. Yes, I know the traffic light is upside down and the wrong way round, but this doesn't in any way detract from the fact that the drink looks amazing if you get it right. Clearly this isn't the best drink for a party, because it takes quite a bit of practice, and a fair bit of time to create. But for a one-off, it's a great idea. Just a thought - this might make a good celebration drink for someone who's just passed their driving test!

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16/09/2012 20:07:10

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13/01/2012 11:53:32

I don't have a photo to hand unfortunately - I'll have to have another go at this and take a picture! But to be honest I didn't use any flavouring for the green. You've already got two contrasting flavours in there, and I think adding a third would make it rather unappealing. Fairly soon after picking the glass up the three colours will begin to blend a little anyway, and so will the flavours. I suppose if you added a little lime flavouring it wouldn't affect the density enough to upset the balance, but I haven't tried this myself, so it's just a guess. Let me know if you manage this!

james mcbryde

05/01/2012 18:20:22

Have you got any photos of this? Or any recommendations for flavouring the green water? Thanks

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