How To Make A Pom-Pom Easter Chick

Published : 23/03/2012 15:30:09
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Little fluffy yellow chicks are synonymous with Easter, and it's actually pretty easy to make a really cute little Easter chick yourself. If you have children then they're bound to love this craft activity, and will probably find the basic principle is easy to apply to a variety of other occasions, such as making scary black, purple or orange spiders for Halloween.

All you'll need is some yellow wool, some card, scissors and a few accessories such as eyes and beaks, which can easily be made from small bits of card. They can be scaled up or down fairly easily as well, so you could even create small chicks to stick on top of Easter eggs, or a large chick as a table centre decoration perhaps!

With a bowl full of hand painted, blown eggs, and your pom-pom chick sitting on top of them you'll have a very appealing decoration for when people come round for Easter. We found the easiest way of learning how to create an Easter chick is to follow the steps demonstrated in the video below.  

If you or your children do end up making a yellow pom-pom chick do please send us a picture as we'd love to feature their handiwork on our blog!

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