How to make an authentic coconut cocktail for a Hawaiian Party

Published : 21/03/2009 18:42:21
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Are you planning a Hawaiian Party? Two things you need for an authentic Hawaiian Party, Hawaii or at least a Hawaiian motif, and authentic coconut drinks served in a coconut shell, (no parasols please). Probably the simplest to make and in my opinion the very best authentic coconut cocktail is just Rum, Coconut water, and Bitters, that's it.   The last time I hosted a Hawaiian party I shopped for the drink ingredients a couple of days ahead. One stone jug of Lambs Navy Rum, (awesome) one bottle of Angostura Bitters, good for hiccups as well, and as many young unhusked coconuts, as you have guests, I got six for a fiver.  Your local Asian store will have them.

To prepare the coconuts remove the green outer layer with a serrated knife be careful here, make sure you leave the white softer cover on the nut. Refrigerate the whole lot until the party to get them nice and cold. When it’s time to pour the drinks cut off a flat spot on one end so it will stand up, on the other end, the drinking end, make a square hole in the nut, you will need a cleaver for this and you might want to practice before the party, opening a coconut can be tricky but you will get the hang of it.

Once you have successfully made the square hole pour out some of the juice, save it in another container, it’s really good for your stomach (although maybe not your waist line!). Now add about a shot glass and a half of the Rum to the coconut and just a splash of bitters and you have your authentic Coconut Cocktail. Add straws and a wedge of Papaya if you are so inclined and your Hawaiian Party will be off to a great start. For those of you who are not so handy with a hatchet and prefer something a little less fidly, you can always try a ready made coconut cup with a flower and straw. You'll still need to get hold of some coconut water/milk and granted this does distract somewhat from the authenticity but still it's a quick option if time is of the vanilla essence!!

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