How to make an Emerald Isle for St.Patrick’s Day

Published : 18/02/2009 06:37:30
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With St. Patrick's Day approaching closer every day you are likely beginning to think about how you need that day off work and possibly the next one to host your Irish Party St. Patrick's Day event. Of course, while you will want to start stocking up on your corned beef and eggs, party supplies and shamrock decorations, no St. Patrick's Day party would be complete without the spirits. If you are looking to be adventurous this year, instead of stocking your fridge with Guinness you may want to try making some cocktails. For a true St. Patricks Day martini, you may even want to add an Emerald Isle to your St. Patrick's Day party agenda.

How to make a St.Patrick's Day Emerald Isle cocktail

You need:

Mint bitters Gin Crème de menthe (green of course!)

Making your Emerald Isle:

If you plan on making just one glass at a time, you will need to mix one shot of gin with a teaspoon of crème de menthe, and two dashes of the bitters in a cocktail shaker. Don't forget to place ice in the cocktail shaker as well. From here, simply shake well and pour the drink into a cocktail glass! Note: Mint is a nice aromatic bitter to add to your Emerald Isle although those who like a little kick may wish to experiment with orange bitters as well.

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