How To Make Fireworks Night Go With A Bang

Published : 01/11/2010 21:47:27
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Although it feels alarmingly as though the summer sun has only just started to fade, the clocks have now lurched back again and dropped us straight into the path of the incoming event known as either Bonfire Night, Fireworks Night, Guy Fawkes Night or The-Night-We-Don't-Get-Any-Sleep-Because-The-Wretched-Neighbours-Bought-A-Bumper-Box-Of-200-Rockets-And-Are-Determined-To-Set-Every-Single-Flaming-One-Off.But have you given any thought to the opportunities which the occasion offers in terms of dinner, tea, supper, buffet or whatever evening food you choose to serve? You could very well transform an ordinary meal into a real occasion just with the addition of a few coordinated items.fireworks-room-rollFor example, you could use the outrageously fabulous fireworks room roll to completely transform a room. This fireworks scene setter works a little like wallpaper but without the headaches. Or the glue. Or indeed, the vertical rolls of paper, because this fireworks room decoration unrolls along your wall horizontally, and is easily fixed using tack or tape. You can cut the roll to measure, and you may well find that one 12.2 metre roll is more than enough to transform a room into somewhere utterly magical.Then there's the table, because if you use a black plastic tablecover to cover the ordinary table, and then sprinkle a generous helping of star bright table confetti, your table will look as though a stunning firework has streaked across, leaving a trail of magical stars. Of course, after the kids have been let loose on the food it will end up just looking like a box of rockets misfired and blew up your dining room, but there's nothing we can really do about the kids. Sorry.Although possibly there might be, because whilst on the subject of rockets, we do have some brilliant rocket balloons which you can inflate using the supplied blow tube, and then once your rocket balloon is fully inflated, let it go and watch it hurtle around the room like Roadrunner with his tail on fire. Of course, you'll have to be prepared for a few hysterics as these balloons do have a flatulence problem, letting off the air in a high pitched sound that is rarely heard in polite company outside of the bathroom.The fireworks room roll, black party tablecover, stars table confetti and a pack of 2 rocket balloons will in total set you back less than £15, yet you will have completely transformed the evening. That's considerably less money than many fireworks, yet you can make the whole evening last much longer than the 5 seconds the average home firework seems to last.Although in our household we usually find the average firework lasts about 30 minutes. That's 5 minutes to read the instructions, 3 minutes to realise they're in Chinese, 10 minutes trying to shove it in the ground so that it's not pointing directly at a window (which is optimistically about 100 feet away), 8 minutes trying to light the thing, 5 seconds watching it fizz a bit, and then 4 minutes wondering whether to go back and try again or accept that that was actually it.Whatever you're doing for Fireworks Night, we hope you have a very safe evening, and enjoy yourselves. If you do decide to decorate your room with our fireworks scene setter, black table cover and stars confetti, or you decide to introduce some rocket balloons amongst the explosive rockets, then we will be only too pleased to help your night go off with a bang.

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