How To Make great home made Ice Lollies

Published : 18/03/2009 19:54:09
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Is there a person alive that does not like ice lollies? Ok, maybe the weird old lady down the street doesn't care for them, but everyone else does. Kids sure do. They make great treats at parties, but you can also make them at home, yourself, and turn the making into a party in and of its own right. I'll tell you how to make ice lollies at home, with your kids.

First, what flavour do you like? In our house, popular flavours include cherry, grape, orange, strawberry, and watermelon. We occasionally dabble in fruit punch, raspberry, and candy floss. Lemon and lime never have been hits. My personal favourite is watermelon, and as you can see just picking your favourite flavours can be a party all by itself.   We like to get flavoured concentrate, then turn it into a syrup. We put a litre of warm water in a two litre bottle, add about one half kg of sugar, and cap the bottle. Shake until the sugar is dissolved (warm water helps the sugar dissolve faster). Our kids love this part. They make an elaborate game of adding a little bit more sugar at this point. Then, we add the flavoured concentrate to taste, depending on how strong you like it, for the one litre (ish) concoction. We end up with just over a liter of liquid lolly.

Now, our party hits a slowdown, because we have to freeze the lolly. We have a whole series of molds that we use, but plastic re-usable tumblers work great. I like plastic because it holds up when I dip it in warm water to free the ice lollies.

Pour your mixture into your molds (or tumblers), drop in your stick, and pop them into the freezer. When they are done (frozen), pull them out. You can run them under warm water, but I prefer to set out a bowl of warm water and dip my molds into the water to pop the ice lollies free. Enjoy!

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