How to Make Red Toffee Apples for Your Party

Published : 17/04/2009 19:09:40
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Red toffee apples are one of the hot ticket party items on the menu these days. Red toffee apples are an unusual treat that are easy to make and can be a hit with the entire crowd from kids to adults. There are in fact numerous ways to make red toffee apples for your party, but let’s stick with one of the easiest ways.

Obviously, you need to start with enough apples to go around, and a few extra for those who can't seem to get by with just one toffee apple. The day before your party you will want to blend some sugar, water, and simple toffee apple or candy apple mix over a medium low flame while the concoction melts into a sweet liquid. Add a few dots of red food colouring if required to brighten up your toffee. Set up some waxed or parchment paper on the side. While your toffee is melting, keep stirring it to prevent burning. Once you have a thick liquid consistency, turn the flame down a bit to keep the toffee melted but without cooking it any longer.

Skewer the apples as far down as you can to keep the stick firmly in place. It's best if you skewer the apples from the stem area. From there, all you have to do is dip the apple into the hot toffee mixture and set them on wax or parchment paper to dry. As the toffee apples dry, the melted mixture will cool and harden enough to keep the toffee mixture stuck to the apple. Making red toffee apples for your party is a perfect celebratory treat, especially in the summer and autumn months.

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