How to make rice crispy cakes for a party

Published : 09/04/2009 23:00:41
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Simplicity is key to catering a children's birthday party. You might want to take the opportunity to show off your skills as a domestic goddess (or god!), but it is often the simplest, plainest foods that are the tastiest and the most popular. And what could be simpler than rice crispy cakes for a childrens party? These little treats are so easy to make that you can even enlist the help of the birthday boy or girl, and perhaps assorted friends (so they're not only a great addition to the party table, but a good way to stave off boredom the day before!)

There are countless recipes out there for rice crispy cakes but they almost all include the key ingredients of rice crispies, butter or margarine, chocolate and golden syrup. The very simplest of all omit the butter and golden syrup and simply rely on the melted chocolate to bind together the cakes. The following is a great basic rice crispy cakes recipe, but feel free to throw in your own additions, such as chopped nuts, dried fruit, mini-marshmallows or white chocolate chips:

Rice Crispy Cakes - makes 36

125g margarine/butter 125g golden syrup 125g dark chocolate 250g rice crispies 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, sieved

Melt the first four ingredients together over a low heat and pour over the rice crispies, in a large bowl. Mix until coated. Spoon generously into cake cases and leave to cool and refridgerate.

N.B. You could, at a push, substitute cornflakes, but rice crispies provide a more satisfying crunch! Now serve to your party guests and watch them spontaneously disappear in an instant - the rice crispy cakes that is, not your guests.

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