How To Make Salt Dough Gingerbread Men Decorations

Published : 11/12/2011 23:48:50
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Just recently I've offered my preferred salt dough recipe, some tips on creating good salt dough, and some suggestions on creating and decorating salt dough Christmas decorations. I just wanted to pop a couple of other quick tips down. Gingerbread men are often a popular decoration, and with salt dough it couldn't be easier.

To make good gingerbread men salt dough Christmas decorations the trick is to throw in a little cinnamon with the salt dough mixture. This gives the salt dough a gingerbread colour when hardened.

I also get two or three coloured beads and push these on for buttons (before baking) and then decorate the cooked decoration afterwards. I actually find that using a felt tip pen is a great way of adding details such as scarves, eyes and mouths. Rather than over decorating them, keep them fairly simple so they look just like real gingerbread men hanging on the tree. It's also important to seal the decoration so that it lasts a long time. The cheap and simple method is to use PVA glue, but for a longer lasting solution use clear varnish.

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