How To Make The Perfect Pimms (and the best cake to serve it with)

Published : 01/06/2016 22:01:50
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With summer only a light breeze away; we have turned our thoughts to an essential for al fresco feasts, that quintessentially English jug of refreshing Pimms.

Boasting an instantly recognisable tawny colour, this delicious blend of citrus fruits offers a familiar taste of summer for all who drink her.

We have teamed up with Bohemia, the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to be listed in The Sunday Times Top 100 Restaurants, to share with you some top tips on how to make the perfect Pimms (and the best cake to serve it with).

Bohemia’s Head Chef Steve Smith has provided a round up of top tips to ensure you’re serving the perfect party Pimms this sunny season to match the custom made cake of your choice.

How To Make The Perfect Pimms


  1. Fruit Fusion

Don’t overload your Pimms with fruit. Instead, pick a few strong flavours that complement each other. An unusual flavour combination that works well is Pomegranate and Basil. Alternatively, take your Pimms to super food heights with the quirky addition of trendy Acai berries.


  1. Herbal Remedy

Next on the list of things to consider when making the perfect Pimms is herbs. If you’re using herbs such as basil and mint, crush the leaves before adding them to your drink. This will maximise the aroma and leave your Pimms perfectly seasoned.


  1.  Cue the Cranberry

Those with a sweet tooth might like to add a splash of cranberry juice, or opt for flavoured lemonade for an extra boost.


  1. Ice, Ice, Baby

Get creative with your ice by freezing flowers into your ice cube tray. However, try to limit the ice to a few cubes to ensure the Pimms isn’t too diluted by the time it comes to drinking it!


  1. Sugar-coat it

Finally, when making the perfect PImms, sprinkle a little lemon juice and sugar over the fruit before you add them to your drink. Let the fruit pieces stand for ten minutes so they macerate and then add them to the liquid at the last minute, to save them from going soggy.


Cake To Serve With The Perfect Pimms 

Now you know how to make the perfect Pimms its time to find a cake to serve it with.

Why not wow your guests with a stunning bunch of English flowers or keep the tradtional theme with a fab Union Jack cake?

Thank you to Steve Smith for these great tips on how to make the perfect Pimms – Cheers!

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