How to make unique personalized party streamers

Published : 17/03/2009 18:35:54
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Party streamers are party decorations that are both fun and inexpensive. They are typically made of light plastic, foil, or crepe paper cut into strips and coloured in a festive pattern. While they are fun to hang from the ceiling and doorways, they aren't usually very personal. However, making your own party streamer will guarantee that personal touch.

If you are throwing a party, be it birthday, anniversary, retirement, anything that requires party decorations, then you want the decorations and party accessories to reflect the theme or colour scheme of the party. Find out what theme or colours the person you are decorating for wants and then buy thread, crepe paper, ribbons, and flowers in those colours.

For example, if you're throwing a Hawaiian party, you could get several bouquets of beautiful flowers, artificial if you want to save the streamers or don't have the time to make it the day of the party, and use a needle and thread to strand them together in one to two foot rows. After making several rows of the flowers, use a ribbon across the top, sew or hot glue the rows of flowers across the entire length, choosing how far apart you would like the strips to be. Across the ribbon at the top, you could also glue sea shells, anything that says island paradise to you. Not only will they be a beautiful and unique, set of party streamers. The party streamers will also smell beautifully if you use real flowers. Use wide ribbon for this project, about an inch thick. Crepe is lovely too but this will only do the job if you are attaching very light accessories.

For birthday party decorations, you can find  pictures on the Internet of your theme, for example, a picture of the cast from High School musical, and get a print out onto a large sheet of paper. Using the same idea, cut the picture into long, two inch wide strips and use a coloured ribbon across the top to put the picture along the length to make a unique and interesting door curtain/fringe for your party.

Anything is possible. This mend and make do approach may sound a bit play school like, but you can upgrade your streamer decorations using more unusuall and glamerous materials if you are looking for something a little more up market. For example you can twist copper wire and silk ribbon for your streamers and attatch glass beads, crystalls, ornaments and all kinds of personal effects to glam up your party decorations. Zig zag your streamers accross the ceiling, maybe add seasonal accessories for Christmas and Halloween. How about party streamers laden with holly and Mistletoe this Christmas this year? The possibilities are endless.

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