How to make your own Bath Bombs

Published : 11/05/2009 17:53:43
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Bath Bombs or Bath Fizzies they each have their place, and they can be made at home. The average cost of a shop bought bath bomb varies from one pound fifty to somewhere around seven pounds each. You can make them at home for pennies. The basic bath bomb has only five ingredients, Witch Hazel, Citric Acid, Baking Soda, some fragrant oil, and some colouring. You will need a mould or baking tin to form the bombs after you have combined the ingredients. Basically add one part of citric acid to two parts of baking soda, evidently this step is supremely important, you need to be sure that these two blend completely, you can do it by hand but a blender would be faster and more complete.

Next add a little colorant to the blend, a small amount is enough and food colouring works well, but you can buy a specialty fizzy colorant from the retailer. Add the smelly stuff at this point but not so much that the ingredients start to clump, all that remains is to add the witch hazel and this is better done with a spray bottle.

The witch hazel is added by feel, Stir the ingredients with one hand while spritzing with the other, when the mixture starts to clump it’s time to put it in the mould, this has to be done quickly so the bomb doesn't set before you can mould it. Press the mixture into the mould using as much pressure as you can and let set for a couple of minutes then tap them out and let them dry for a few hours. This recipe is for a basic bath bomb but with a little imagination any of these ingredients can be changed or supplemented to suite your style, give it a try, it's a lot of fun.

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