How To Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Published : 19/03/2009 07:14:25
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

What started as a response to a critical greeting card shortage in our house has now become a bit of a family tradition. We make our own greeting cards. Actually, I don't make my own. My wife and kids make them. Often, they will turn the card making process into their own little party. It's fun, and not very hard at all. It does require patience, and talent (both of which I lack in great measure). Most people have both more patience and talent than me, so read more about how to make your own greeting cards.

Greeting cards always start with a theme. Are you making a Christmas card? Easy enough. A birthday card? Maybe a little bit tougher, because you will want to match the theme of the card with the theme of the party. Unless you already have a reputation for favouring certain things (my son does trains, my daughter does princesses) for every occasion, you will need to do some investigation.   Once you have a theme, the handmade cards become an art project expression of it.

Use whatever you have at your disposal. My son likes to use felt pens. My daughter likes to do line drawings and glue things on top of the drawings. If you are making a lot of the same theme, have the kids do the line art, then scan it into your computer and print several for them to colour in. If you really need greeting cards in volume, stick to drawn or painted art, then scan that and print as many as you need. Have the kids sign each one, for the artist's touch. This approach does tend to take out some of the party aspect of making your own cards, but it is a practical way to get the task done in time.

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