How to make your own party favour tea bags

Published : 24/03/2009 14:00:07
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

If you are planning on hosting your own tea party, or are trying to come up with a unique party favour idea for a wedding or a birthday party, you may consider making your own tea. Your own signature tea brew is one party favor that you can guarantee no one else can ever replicate anywhere else. Thus, you will have a memorable and perhaps even a desired after party favour!

First, you need to figure out what type of blend you want for your tea, and decide if you want a warm herb like taste for you tea which is nice for winter. Or, if you want a breezy invigorating feel from your tea such as what you may give out at a baby shower or a summer party you might choose lemony herbs.

You should select at least three different herbs for your blend, but you can choose more although after five you may end up with a disaster if you are not careful! Anyhow, once you choose your herbs place them in order on a table and systematically feel each tea bag with the same amount you used in your sample.

Turn on your iron to the highest setting and let it sit. While it is warming shake the tea bags so that the herbs fall to the bottom and iron press the top of the bag so it seals shut. Now all you have left is too purchase some party bags and place about five to six tea bags in each for your guests! Oh and to compliment your tea bags how about popping in your favourite recipe for How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies? If you are feeling particularly generous you could even make a batch and show off your culinary skills.

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