How To Make Your Own Party Invitations

Published : 20/03/2009 20:02:08
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Planning a party and want to do everything with a personal touch? Want to make sure your guests see that personal touch right away? Then send them a personal, handmade party invitation. In fact, you can have a party to make your own party invitations. I know. I've seen it happen before.

The first ingredient for making your own party invitations, as I have seen them done, is a kid. At least one. Find more if you can. They do not grow the resulting mess linearly. You will have the same cleanup job with one kid as with three or four. With more of them, they will have more fun, and so will you.   Our kids are very artistic. We give them a theme, and they go to work with blank paper. We like to figure out how many party invitations we will need, and how much time we have to work. My wife sets a timer, and they go to work. This first invitation is usually just a dry run to figure out how much detail can be added in the time allotted. We don't want to run a sweatshop so much as make sure we have an even amount of effort on each invitation. We don’t want to spend all of the time doing four, then find out that in the last half hour we have to get ten made.

With the time guidelines in place, the kids are free to do whatever they want to support the theme. My son likes to draw and colour in his pictures. My daughter likes to use glitter and to glue beads to her invitations. My wife and I address envelopes, as the kids penmanship is not quite good enough yet (not that mine is much better). So go ahead, turn your little artists loose on your party invitations - how bad can it be?

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