How To Plan A 1st Birthday Party

Published : 24/09/2011 17:01:06
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If you're starting to plan your baby's 1st birthday party then several things are likely to be going through your head. First and foremost will probably be the realisation that your child is getting older. They're no longer 'nothing' - they now have a numerical age measured in years! For any parent this is far more of a milestone than for the child.

The second thing to go through your head may well be 'does this mean that we're going to be able to start sleeping at night soon?' But although your baby may well be starting to sleep for more than five minutes at a time during the night, you'll probably still be kept awake wondering just how best to celebrate their first birthday.

Planning your child's 1st birthday is obviously more for your sake than your child's if we're honest. The average one year old doesn't really have much of a clue what's going on. They're still alarmed when they trump, find the taste of their feet fascinating and still seem surprised every time their nappy gets a bit sticky. Trying to tell them that they're one year old doesn't really help much since they don't have any basis for comparison. How old is one year? You mean forever? I'm forever years old?

So what - I could have told you I'm as old as my lifetime! You'll clearly want to make a fuss of your little boy or little girl, and this is understandable, but you do need to make sure that you don't overwhelm them. 1st birthday balloons are fantastic, and children do love balloons. However, it's best to make sure that any first birthday balloons you do get are either filled with helium or pinned or tied up high, so that your child can't reach them. At that age almost everything goes in the mouth, and a burst balloon could not only be rather a shock, it could potentially be very dangerous. 1st birthday balloons

If you do use helium balloons then make sure that the string or ribbon is tied above the child's reach, because this string could easily become tangled around them. You'll obviously be supervising them, but it's astonishing just how quickly a child can move the moment you're not looking at them.

It is a known fact that young children and babies can move faster than the speed of light as long as they're not being watched. Your little child will probably want to invite their friends over for the party (well all right, you'll want to invite everyone you met at the antenatal class to come and see just how much more beautiful your child is than theirs!) and so it will be important to think about space. Make sure that anything potentially breakable or dangerous has been safely covered up or removed.

Banners and room decorations need to be up fairly high, and small items such as party blowouts should not be left lying around for children to use unsupervised. Table decorations include things such as table covers and paper plates, napkins and drinks cups.

Rather usefully the First Birthday drinks cups we supply have quite a wide base, so when filled halfway they are pretty stable, although we also sell 1st birthday tippy cups - very handy if you've just had new carpet fitted! The paper plates are quite deep too, so that little fingers scrabbling about won't find the food leaping off in all directions too easily. These are little things it's easy to overlook. Why not take a look now at our range of 1st birthday party decorations? We can even provide a range of fantastic cakes, which the adults will certainly appreciate!

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Vauvan Nenä

24/09/2011 18:32:12

First birthday party need to be a special one in my opinion, because the child now have a real age. Best regards and nice post !

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