How to plan a ruby anniversary party

Published : 19/11/2008 07:00:23
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A ruby anniversary party is a special occasion because nowadays staying married together faithfully (or not) for forty years is not a simple task. If you are lucky enough to be planning your own ruby anniversary party, or even if you are planning it for friends or parents, you need to acknowledge the fact that a ruby anniversary means conquering both the social odds and natural lifespan (to date!), both of which are truly sturdy opponents!

This in mind, you will want to make your ruby anniversary party stand out; a couple only gets one such 40th party in their lifetime. For starters, you might consider hosting the anniversary party in a fine dining location. Plus, since a ruby anniversary would denote the couple to be in or around their sixties, there's a good possibility that something a little more sophisticated would be appropriate. Of course if the couple are a little less conventional, how about a renewal of vows while bungee jumping, or a trip on a Harley Davidson on the way to a Rock concert with a pie and mash supper to finish…I could go on.

Traditionally, you'll want to keep the ruby red theme for your party supplies but metallic silver party accessories and decorations complement very well. So you may choose to purchase ruby red tableware, but a silver balloon bouquet or two would create a fantastic contrast to your theme. Some people prefer white as a complementing colour or even black for the more adventurous couple.

Red candles look elegant, along with nasturtium flower centrepieces, the typical ruby anniversary flower. The nasturtium (and rubies too) are supposed to represent an eternal flame, which the anniversary couple no doubt must have if they have made it to the forty year mark together.

It's a nice idea to place a photo of the couple on the invitation with a picture from their wedding day. You also might consider blowing up this picture for your anniversary party (I mean as a print, not as an exploding gimmick on the day). In fact, some couples choose to renew their vows at their ruby anniversary party. If you are throwing the party for your parents or friends, you may consider asking them if they would like to do this as well!

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Mike Wilson

20/07/2011 16:55:03

Hi My wife and I are celebrating our Ruby Wedding next July. I know it's a long way ahead, but I want to get it sorted soonest. What suggestions do you have for us. We have 3 children + other halves, 14, yes 14 grandchildren and other relatives. We live in Bournemouth. Date will be 29 July 2012. What can we do, where can we go?Suggestions please.RegardsMike Wilson

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