How to plan an engagement party

Published : 26/11/2008 08:30:50
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

If you have just become recently engaged, no doubt the next step in your engagement plans is an engagement party. Typically the engaged couple's parents throw an engagement party to announce their sons or daughters engagement, but in the absence of a family the couple's friends may plan an engagement party instead.

At an engagement party generally the theme is celebratory and light. Thus, you will want to stick to sparkling themes such as silver and white for the party supplies such as the napkins, plates, etc. You also might want to decorate the area where the engagement party is hosted, be it your home or an outside location.

Streamers and tasteful flower centrepieces make for simple, but brilliant engagement party decorations. Plus, streamers and table confetti are inexpensive decorative items that simply require little of your own special artistic touch. You also might consider adding a few latex balloons around the couple's table announcing their impending nuptials.

Of course, toasts are expected at an engagement party, so you also need to make sure you have an appropriate amount of champagne and wine available on ice. In fact, you might consider purchasing commemorative champagne flutes inscribed with the couple's names so they and their guests have a memento of this momentous event in their lives.

If however like us, a night at your local curry house, an engagement balloon, a bottle of iced Cava and plenty of larger on tap suites your budget, then go for it and have a fantastic evening. After all it’s not the hall that you hire or the cost of the floral arrangements you're going to remember, more likely the fun that you had and snaps that you took of you and your friends on your big night out together.

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