How to plan the perfect party

Published : 07/04/2009 06:05:12
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If you have ever thrown a party, than you know it can be pretty tricky to throw the perfect party. But putting on a perfect party just seems to go along with proper planning before hand, knowing what to expect and filling your time properly. Most guests like to come to a party that has some kind of structure, and kids parties depend on it, so knowing what you're going to do beforehand is essential.

A few days before the party, so that you have time to complete your plans before the big day, you'll want to sit down with a pad and paper and write down your ideas for the birthday party. Do you want to have a theme? What type of decorations will that theme require? Who are you going to invite? All of these are important questions that you can't continue planning the perfect party without knowing the answers to.

You'll also want to consider how long you want the party to run, what type of food, if any, you'll be serving, and what kind of cake you want for the end of the birthday party. If you are going to have a large number of guests, then party games may be more difficult but not impossible. I always like a good game of tug of war which quickly gets your guests loosened up and socialising weather they like it or not! A few drinks works well too of course.

If food isn't your forte which is the polite way of saying you're a crap cook, then go for a take away option which is low key, yet will be very well received by your guests.

If i's not a special occasion, maybe it's a Just Because Party (just because you want one that is) then probably there's no reason to have a cake. Cakes are great but they can add a hefty chunk to your party budget, so you may consider saving yourself a few quid and with the money saved spend it on a handful of themed party supplies, party poppers and such like. OK maybe a handful of party products won't make for the perfect party but they can add a bit of magic. That along with a well stocked selection of party drinks and some quality company and a take away - sounds like the recipe for a perfect party to me!

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