How to play 21st century musical chairs

Published : 19/03/2009 19:36:50
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A great party game for children to engage in is musical chairs. Its very simple so most ages are able to participate. Musical chairs is also very easy to prepare for. All you will need to play is a set of chairs and a music system with a functional volume control!

For this party game, you need to set the chairs up into a line with the backs of the chairs all together. Since the object of the game is to have a place to sit when the music stops, you will want the seats facing outward for easy access. Most importantly of all, you need to make sure that you have one less chair than players.

One person will have to be the dedicated music player and will start the music. As the music plays, the children will circle the chairs, walking instead of running since this game can get a little bit out of control. When the music stops, it's up to the children to find a place to sit, one child to a chair.

As the musical chairs game progresses, each time the music stops an adult needs to be on hand to remove a chair, and each time there will be a child who doesn't have a place to sit. The player without a chair is now out and will move off to the side, taking a chair with them as they go. Always make sure to keep track of the number of players and the number of chairs since the game only continues if you are one chair short.

Once you are down to the last two players, and one chair, the first person to claim the chair when the music stops for the last time wins the party game. You can have a prize set up for your musical chairs champion, maybe a few pocket money toys or harribo as their reward. Oh and for a little extra 21st century fun to bring this traditional party game up to date, I like to inflate a Whoopee cushion and place it on the last chair for a rip roaring finish to the game!

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