How to Play a Kazoo

Published : 20/08/2009 14:48:49
Categories : Party Games and Ideas

Kazoos make for great party entertainment and are the perfect addition to a party bag or a kids party entertainment package. However, it can be a little discouraging to blow into a kazoo only to hear nothing but the sound of your own air coming through. No music. No rhythm. Just the air you blew through the kazoo.

If you have numerous party guests that are trying to blow through their kazoos, then you might want to hold a quick but important introduction to kazoo playing. Along with other party favourites like pinatas and confetti, kazoos are a traditional party toy that most of us have forgotten.

Kazoos require vibration in order to distort the sound into the neat noise the kazoo makes. Thus, blowing air through it will not cause that much needed vibration, so basicaly "If You Blow - It Won't Go!" Instead, you need to use your vocal chords to create the sound you're looking for. Some people start by speaking into the instrument in order to get used to controlling the vocal chords while others just jump right into humming a tune. Without the vibration from the vocal chords, there isn't any way to make the kazoo play. Young children that are struggling to control their vocal chords can often be taught to growl like a pup into the kazoo to find the noise. Many of us are so accustomed to speaking with the assistance of our lips and tongue that the feeling of humming without them can be new for young ones.

Once you have your introduction to kazoos complete, be prepared for some new noise. Many kazoos going off at once create an interesting ruckus. Perhaps keeping a list of popular fun songs handy can help you direct a group of kazoo players toward something that can be played at least almost in unison.

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