How to play pass the parcel party game

Published : 02/04/2009 19:05:11
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One thing about throwing a party for young children is trying to keep them entertained. Thankfully, there are plenty of party games to consider, since a room full of bored children can get dangerous pretty quickly. A great classic party game that will keep your kids entertained for several minutes is pass the parcel.

To prepare for the game, you'll need several sheets of wrapping paper, either all from the same roll or from several different ones for a touch of colour, and some party bag fillers or favours that are small and thin such as stickers, sweets, or gift certificates.

Finally, you'll need a grand prize and a box to place it in. A Scooby Doo colouring set for example or maybe a tube of glow bracelets make a great prize and you can pick up this kind of prize from any reputable party supplies shop. Put the pressie in the box and wrap it. Now place as many layers as you want of wrapping paper or tissue crepe paper one on top of the other, placing a smaller prize in between the layers sporadically. Keep in mind that the more layers that you have, the longer the game will last. Now pick an upbeat song to play along with, remember that the game may last longer than one song but you can either repeat the song again or pick a couple different tunes.

To play this party game, have the children sit around on the floor, close enough that they can pass the parcel between each other quickly. In the fashion of musical chairs, begin playing the song you've picked and have the children pass the parcel around until the music stops.

Stop the music suddenly and randomly then the child holding the parcel gets to unwrap the top layer and keep any thing that they find. Since the small gifts are placed randomly, the fun of the game comes from discovering if you have found a gift layer. The child that finally finds the box with the grand prize wins. It can be a very cheap for a party with a small budget and still a very entertaining party game.

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