How to play pin the tail on the donkey

Published : 23/03/2009 19:15:43
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A great classic party game is pin the tail on the donkey. You can normally purchase a kit however it is not necessary to spend money when you could draw a donkey on a piece of paper, have a tail made out of wool and simply make your own blindfold.

Honestly, all you need is a tack, or other sticky material such as poster putty or Velcro, a picture of a donkey, a cut out of a donkey's tail, and a blindfold. Although it is the name of the game, it's also not necessary to use a donkey. Any animal with a tail, or any other distinguished part, will work. I've even played a version of the game where we used a large clown's face with his nose as the part to pin on.

The way that you play is to set up the picture against a wall, take the player to the other side of the room, giving them the tail or other part to pin on, and blindfold them. And then spin them around in a circle a few times to disorient them before setting them free.

The object of this party game is to be the one that pins the tail on closest to its exact location on the body. The other guests can give hints to the player about their location in the room if it seems the player is having trouble even finding the wall where the picture is posted. This is especially so if you are playing with younger children.

Once everyone has had a chance to go, find the tail that is closest to the correct location and voila you have a pin the tail on the Donkey winner!; party bags make great prizes so have one ready for your winner and maybe have a “not so great prize” for the player that posted the tail on the wrong wall!

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