How to play Pinata

Published : 16/03/2009 13:29:39
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A very popular party game is the Pinata, a Mexican paper machete figure that is filled with sweets and small toys. A pinata can be made into almost any shape or size, so finding one that fits the theme of your party is pretty simple. They are typically very colourful and take on the appearance of cartoon characters, cars, and rainbows, pretty much anything that you could imagine. They have a slot somewhere on them so that you can fill them with whatever pocket money toys or small prize that you want, just as long as the treats are not breakable as they will be dropping out of the sky onto your unsuspecting guests!

The traditional pinata is played by hanging the pinata from a tree, making sure there is adequate swinging room on all sides and having the players try to break it open with a pinata buster. The players of this party game are blindfolded, handed the buster or stick, and spun around until they are slightly dizzy. After that, they are placed in front of the pinata and given the chance to take three swings at it in an attempt to break it open.

All players take turns until the pinata is bust open, spilling the prizes out onto the ground for every one to collect and place in party bags. In another version of the same game, only the birthday boy or girl swings at the pinata to give the gifts to the other children that attended their party. For the younger players, or if you have no room for children swinging sticks, there is another version of the party game called a pull-string pinata.

The paper machete piñata has long strings that you pull on. You can pass the pinata around taking turns to pull on a string. Only one of the many strings will pop open the centre, spilling out the prizes for your party guests to collect. This version is quite tame and ideal for very young children with help from the grown ups at the party.

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