How To Remove Beer Stains After An Enthusiastic Party

Published : 14/01/2011 23:46:24
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The other day we posted a really fantastic bit of news - that you could lose weight and improve your health by drinking a pint of beer a day. This news has certainly gone down well, with some people we know trying to experiment with this new health diet to see just how much weight they can lose, and just how fit they can become, finding out what happens if they drink even more than the one pint each day recommended. As a result it seems that it may be advisable for us to publish a follow up post which explains rather helpfully how to remove beer stains from clothing and carpets.

It happens. Just as you'll need to wash clothes after running a marathon, say, beer stains are simply a by product of a healthy workout/diet regime. So if your diet has been going so well that a little of the amber nectar has escaped your glass, possibly whilst you were in the middle of a vigorous series of star jumps or pelvic squats, this is what to do. You'll need some vinegar. Make sure it's white vinegar, not malt vinegar, and mix up one cup of vinegar with two cups of water.

Dab this mixture onto the reverse of clothing or on the carpet, sofa or chair. Don't wipe, just dab. The vinegar will not only help to neutralise the stain, but also remove the odour. Once you've applied plenty of the vinegar/water mixture, use a clean towel to 'blot' the area dry. Again, don't rub or wipe. For dried stains or really serious stains you can try a mixture of regular washing liquid mixed with water. However, do remember that both washing liquid and vinegar will bleach, and so it's important to blot or dry the fabric quickly. Think of this process as a 'cooling down' after your vigorous health session, and don't ever say that we don't encourage responsible cleaning after a party, erm, diet!

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