How to secure your name on the next party list

Published : 28/01/2009 13:30:07
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

If you are reading this, most likely you already know who the popular party people are. You see them at every party and they seem to have an invite to every event. If you want to make sure that you are always on the list at business parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and the just because parties, you have to make sure you make a great appearance at every party you are at. People like fun entertaining people as guests, so here is how to make sure you make the cut at the next party.

First of all, you have to present yourself as an enjoyable guest capable of holding proper conversations. People like talking about themselves, so if all else fails you can always draw the attention to the host of a party by commenting on their clothes, home, new job. Whilst it sounds a bit silly, trust me, this is one of the fundamental key points for getting your name on the next party invitation list.

Second, read up before you attend a party. Being current on the latest news events or quirky news events, such as scientists discover monkeys like peanut butter, will give you plenty to talk about. Showing an interest in the news will make you seem educated and informed at the party, and having a quirky story can give you plenty of substance for odd anecdotes and one liner jokes. People like funny individuals, so make yourself the life and soul of the party.

Last, be respectful and refined at the next party event. Even if you really want to shovel all the flared humus onto your paper plate, refrain and take a small amount so there is still enough to go around!

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