How to Spice Up Kids Party Drinks

Published : 18/03/2009 07:14:47
Categories : Party Food and Drinks

Most of the parties we attend are attended as a family, with other kids and adults. Most of these parties also involve some sort of "adult" beverages. I have a preference for Canadian whisky mixed with just about anything else. I once told my kids that the whisky is an adult spice-sort of a flavour enhancer. Of course, they seized on this idea, and are very interested in how they can spice up their own party drinks.   So, we had to conduct some experiments. Whisky and tequila were out of the question.

We had to find some other things that could be added to their drinks. We decided to invite our five year old neighbour over and turn the experiments into a party in its own right.   Our dear friend Google was a big help in finding some concoctions to try. We also bought some plastic glasses, as we did not want to have to keep washing glasses after every drink.

Our first experiment was a raspberry and lemonade combination. First we made some lemonade, and tried it. Then we ground up some raspberries, and mixed the lemonade and the raspberries in a blender. That was pretty tasty. We tried adding some sugar, and that was pretty tasty too. In the spirit of experimenting, we added some salt and pepper. That was not so tasty.

Our next experiment in the party called for raspberry sherbet and lemon limeade. We put the limeade and sherbet together in the blender, then set most of it aside. With a quarter of the mix in the blender, we added pineapple juice, and tasted. That was good. We took some of the remaining mix and added banana. That was good too. Then we combined bananas and pineapple juice with the remaining sherbet and limeade mix and added parasols to decorate. It may not be whisky, but it’s a darned tasty party drink!

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