How To Theme Popular Children's Party Games

Published : 12/09/2010 10:16:34
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Themed parties for children can be great fun, and there are certainly lots of different things which you can do to help embellish and emphasise the theme of choice. Of course fancy dress is always popular, and choosing themes can provide a wealth of opportunities. At the moment there seem to be a great many pirate parties doing the rounds, and a lot of children enjoy dressing up as a pirate. But whether you choose to have a pirate theme, a dinosaur theme, or a theme which celebrates their favourite television programme such as Ben 10, LazyTown, Peppa Pig or even films such as Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean, dressing up is a lot of fun.

Then of course there is the table to decorate, and we can offer a wealth of ideas here as well. From themed table runners to special cups, plates, napkins and other table accessories themed especially, it might almost seem as though having a themed party is a simple choice. But in fact there is so much else that can be done to make the themed party really special. The great thing it is that whereas are a lot of people tend to assume that having a themed party costs a lot more than a standard party, and requires much more planning, the truth is that neither of those are true! With a little imagination it is easy to create a themed party that your children will love and remember. One of the central parts of any children's party is likely to be the games which they play.

These games can easily be tweaked so that they fit in with the theme of the party. In today's blog I am going to give you a few ideas to get you started. Once you see how easy it is to take traditional, popular party games and adapt them slightly to fit in with the theme of your party, you will almost certainly be able to experiment and have a lot of fun coming up with your own themed party games. A few days ago I described the popular party game which my generation used to play at birthday parties many years ago, but which children today still enjoy playing just as much - Duck, Duck, Goose. If you're not sure of the rules of this game, have a look through the recent posts on this blog and you'll find a detailed description of how this game is played.

But the point is that even a simple game such as Duck, Duck, Goose can easily be adapted to suit a wide range of themes. For example, let's say that your theme is Pirates. Well, duck, Duck, Goose can easily be adapted to become Yo, Yo, Ho, or even Pieces, Pieces, Of Eight. Just use your imagination! Or perhaps if the theme is Peppa Pig, it could become Snuffle, Snuffle, Oink! But that isn't the only party game which can be tweaked, because almost any party game can be adapted to suit the theme chosen.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey could become Put The X On The Map, (trying to get as close to the treasure chest is possible!) Obviously there is Pin The Tail On The Pig, and almost endless variations are also possible. Musical Chairs is a popular game, but of course for a pirate themed party it would have to be Musical Islands, for an insect themed party, Musical Bee Hives, for a Spiderman themed party, Musical Webs, and so on. Simon Says is another popular party game, but of course this can be endlessly adapted to, such as Blackbeard Says, Peppa Pig Says, Spiderman Says, and so on. I'm sure by now you can see just how easy it is to tailor popular children's party games to the party theme of your choice, for endless fun and a party that is sure to be a real success.

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