How to throw a Super Bowl party

Published : 28/03/2009 13:45:39
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For an event that comes only once a year, it sure takes a lot of planning to pull of the perfect Super Bowl party. I personally know a lot of people that literally beginning planning next year’s event while cleaning up from this one. And with good reason. A Super Bowl party has a little of everything.

The first thing about having a Super Bowl party is that you're going to want to have food, and lots of it. If it's healthy food, leave it in the pantry. Healthy foods have no place at a Super Bowl party. You can have a huge bar-b-que set up if you like, with ribs, hamburgers, and hot dogs, but a lot of people will be pleased with just the sides. Make, or purchase if you're like me, a lot of different kinds of dips. Seven-layer dip, with refried beans, ground meat, salsa, guacamole, black olives, really anything you think would fit in there, it's a very popular Super Bowl party treat. Serve it with different types of tortilla chips. You'll also want to try ranch and onion dips. You'll also want to have several different types of drinks. Beer is a standard beverage for these parties. Stock up on plastic cups, napkins, paper plates, plastic cutlery , and disposable party supplies like picnic tableware since you'll want to do plenty of eating and not a lot of cleaning up.

Decorating for your Super Bowl party is easy. You can decorate with footballs, or football shaped blow-ups and balloons. For a fun look, take some streamers and hang them around the television to look like the end zone, complete with the goal posts. Make sure no one misses a moment by setting up the food in the room on card tables, coffee tables etc. in front of the T.V. Prepare in advance and enlist lots of help to share in the planning and prep. This will it will ensure that you're party is a touchdown with very little work required - now just sit back, pull out a brewski and enjoy the game!

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