Ice Breaker Party game ideas

Published : 26/01/2009 18:50:25
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If you are planning a party, you may want to break the ice at your so that your guests feel more comfortable around each other. After all, the real party cannot get started until your guests start to loosen up and feel comfortable around each other. You can use some of these party game ideas at an anniversary party, baby shower, a house party or any other kind of party at all.

Party game idea number 1: Depending on your party theme, purchase a few T-shirts so that when you split your party guest list into teams you have one T shirt per team. Take each T-shirt and place it in a plastic bag, fill it with water and ice, and freeze it over night. For the party game, now your guests literally have to break the ice as the first team to get their shirt on a member of the team wins!

Party game idea number 2: The next party game can be fun at a bridal shower or at a children's birthday party. For a bridal shower this is simply the toilet paper game, and for children it can be switched to "Clothe the mummy." The aim is to take toilet paper and construct the most impressive wedding gown, or for children, to make the most impressive mummy. For more fun, you can purchase some decorative party supplies like streamers that guests can use to add that extra decorative touch to their toilet tissue creations

Party game idea number 3: One more great icebreaker party game that can be played throughout the night is the "Who am I" game. At the beginning of your party you should tape cards to the foreheads or backs of your guests as they enter, that they are not allowed to see. Throughout the course of the night they have to keep asking other guests questions to figure out what famous person they are. The first person to figure their identity out can win a special party bag filled with a variety of special treats, goodies and party bag fillers or maybe a botttle of bubbly.

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