Ice Cream Sundae Party

Published : 01/02/2009 18:40:59
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My son and his favourite cousin are right around a year apart in age. My son is the younger of the two boys. They have nonstop fun when they are together, but live an hour and a half's drive away from each other. They do not get to play together nearly as often as either one would like. They do, however, talk on the phone a lot. These conversations frequently turn into plots against their parents. One such phone conversation was about ice cream. "I love chocolate. It's my favourite. That's what we're having for my birthday party."

"I love strawberry. Since I'm travelling so far, you should have some srawberry for me at your party." "You're right. But, my sister likes some other weird flavour. If we get strawberry for you, she'll want her kind too."

"You should tell your mum and dad to have all different kinds, and we can pick what we want." “That's a good idea. I'll tell them and see what they say."

My nephew should have a career in sales. Not only did he talk his parents into different kinds if ice cream, he talked them into a full-blown make-your-own sundae bar. The centre of the bar was decorated with an ice cream sundae centrepiece. There were four flavours of ice cream (good work!), crushed pieces of Crunchie and Flake, syrupy pineapple and strawberries, three different toppings (chocolate, butterscotch, and strawberry), nuts, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries to set at the peak of the creation.

The Kids and adults loved this party. My son and his cousin had a brief conversation to discuss the success of their plan. Both my son and my daughter had eyes bigger than their stomachs, and needed dad's help to finish their concoctions. I do whatever I must to help my children.

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