Ideas For Planning A Casino Party

Published : 15/03/2012 09:00:05
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Browse our shop for a selection of casino party decorations and accessoriesIf you're thinking about having a casino party then you're in good company, as a growing number of people are enjoying having casino nights either at home or as a work party. Whatever the occasion, whether it's a work celebration or a birthday, having a casino theme to your party can add a great deal of fun, and there's a wide selection of casino party decorations to choose from to help everyone get in the mood. But there are often a few things worth thinking about first which can make a big difference to the eventual success of the event.

Setting The Stakes

One of the first things you should think about is whether people will actually be gambling with their own money. It might seem obvious, but it's usually not a good idea to do this. One of the quickest ways to spoil a party is to add pressure and worry into the mix, and if people are concerned about losing money then this doesn't help the event go as positively as you might hope. Some of your guests might be quite happy to lose a chunk of cash, but there may be some for whom the loss could be very worrying, and they may feel under pressure to gamble the same sort of stakes as others are doing. A way of overcoming this problem whilst still offering a clear incentive to win is to have everyone pay a set price for a casino night ticket. How much is up to you, but perhaps you might suggest anything from £5 to £20. This money is then put towards purchasing a prize, and at the end of the night this is awarded to whoever has the highest number of chips. Or you could simply award them the cash raised from the sale of the tickets of course. This offers people the chance to still win a decent prize, but without the worry of losing money throughout the evening.

Casino Games Selection

Another thing to consider is what games you're going to offer. At the moment one of the most popular casino games is poker, partly through increased exposure on television as well as online poker games. However, whilst this may work in some cases it's worth remembering that poker takes a long time to play. For a faster moving party you might consider games such as blackjack, pontoon, 21, craps or even having a roulette wheel. This helps people change game more often, and increases the opportunities for everyone to win a little throughout the evening. One of the things some people do is to have a dress code for the casino party, perhaps with everyone dressing in smart evening wear. This helps to increase the feeling that the event is a special occasion, and develops an atmosphere more like that which you might find in a real casino. It's always worth making sure that the people you invite have an equal and fair chance to enjoy playing games they understand. Whilst some games can be fairly challenging to learn and even more difficult to master, there are some games which you can very quickly and easily join in with. Roulette is one such example, where anyone can play straight away, although obviously there are many more options and dynamics to pick up on as you play. Above all it's important to remember that a casino night party should be fun, which means not putting people under too much pressure. By using chips rather than cash, and by not putting people's real money at risk, as well as offering a wide range of games to play you can really create a night that people will enjoy and remember.

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