Impromptu Christmas Party

Published : 01/01/2009 14:05:46
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It maybe New Year's day today but before it goes from my mind I have to tell you about this Impromptu Christmas party for one!

My wife comes from a very large family, too large to even consider giving Christmas gifts to everyone. They have recognised this problem, and developed a Secret Santa system. Everybody who chooses to participate (there are some who sit this out) is assigned another person to buy a gift for.

Her brother manages the system, and distributes the names before Halloween, so you have plenty of time to get the right gift for the person you've been assigned. For those of us who’ve been in the family for a while, this is not a problem. However, new people come in every year. Babies are born, nephews and nieces are married. We rarely get the entire family together for one big Christmas party, but we do try when we can to celebrate Christmas together.

This year, my son and I received gifts from my nephew and his fiance. She is from Germany, and sent a packet of traditional German sweets for the family to share. After dinner, we opened the packet, sang some Christmas songs, and enjoyed the sweets. My young daughter especially enjoyed the orange chocolates. After eating only one, her party started in earnest. We thought she was being intentionally funny, but as her Christmas song lyrics became more and more nonsensical, we realised what was going on. She was having her own little chocolate liqueur party!

It was very cute, but we made sure to put those sweets out of her reach (although by this time the first layer had gone and a Christmas party for one was in full swing). We did not want her sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to help herself to more. Next year, we will make sure she has something more appropriate. Maybe a Christmas party toy instead? I’m sure anything will do, as long as it's not the rum soaked chocolate covered cherries. Merry Christmas, and thanks Stefi!

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