In The Night Garden Party - the Perfect Toddler Birthday Party

Published : 20/06/2009 09:12:53
Categories : Party Themes and Occasions

Planning a birthday party for babies and tots can be quite difficult because of their age and comprehension level. This is where an in the night garden party is the perfect solution for celebrating your little ones special day and at the same time you will be able to keep a group of tots entertained. A party that’s themed around the famous in the Night Garden television series will be the most favoured program for nursery kids and this is the reason it’s such a great theme for a party. It seems the little ones adore the characters, bright colours and the wonderful stories To set the stage for your In the Night Garden party you are going to want to have some pre filled helium balloons leaning towards the bright colours. Then add to this by having an In the Night Garden birthday cake based on your child’s favourite character perhaps an Iggle Piggle or Upsy Daisy cake.Now the biggest issue is keeping the little ones entertained, if you are feeling creative then a simple thing such as re naming the games (pass the parcel , could be iggle piggle parcel) I won’t go into detail as my imagination may frighten you !! However I think you can get an idea of what I mean. The games will be more appealing to the little ones.There are a few other things you can do to spice things up some. Perhaps getting some older children and adults to dress up, utilizing the favourite characters of the show. You could even take one of the story lines from the program and act this out (if you are daring!!). Another idea would be is to make hand puppets out of terry cloth designed like the characters where the little ones could interact themselves.By the time, you set the scene ready with your chosen party decorations, throw in a bit of puppet activity there’s no doubting that you're In The Night Garden Party will be a huge success.

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