Inventor of the birthday candle

Published : 16/03/2009 18:55:41
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A tradition for most birthday cakes is to cover it in birthday candles, sharing with the room the age of the birthday celebrator as they make a wish and blow out the candles. It's such a set in stone tradition that I never even gave a thought to how odd it was to set your food on fire and have hot wax drip onto it from the birthday candle. I decided to do a little research as to the origins of this tradition.Although I could not find the exact inventor of the birthday candle, it is said that the Greeks may have been the first to place candles on top of their birthday cakes. They wanted to make the cake look like the moon in an offering to the goddess Artemis. The next reference is of the Germans, who were renowned for being very good at candle making. They placed candles on their cakes for religious reasons, although why we have converted this religious act into our birthday celebrations is quiet unknown.The birthday candle is placed on top of the cake, either in the number of years that you are celebrating or in fun designs to add to the theme of the party. The person celebrating the birthday will be sung to about their birthday, typically "happy birthday to you" but there are several different songs and even variations to that one, before closing their eyes and blowing out the candle while making a wish. It is said that if you tell anyone what you wished it won't come true, so always make sure to keep it to yourself, even if you're not superstitious - it's not really worth the risk now is it.

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