Involve the Kids in the Birthday Party preparations

Published : 14/05/2009 10:55:15
Categories : Party Planning and Entertainment

Obviously a first birthday party won't involve much help from the kids but as soon as you can you should get the children involved in the preparations, and that goes for the guest of honour too. At first, when they are very young you can take them to the houses of their friends to hand deliver the invitations in person, then as they get older they can help with the decorations, making paper chains or blowing up balloons, the idea here is to get the kids involved and earn, what could otherwise become a feeling of entitlement.

As the kids get older they can become more involved in the planning and execution of the whole birthday party experience; it will be more enjoyable for them and they will have a stake in the outcome which will make a successful shindig a more satisfying experience and an unsuccessful one a rarity. If they are truly involved they will know what their friends like to do, or are able to do, better than you will, so the chances for a successful outcome are far greater than if you decided for instance, to spring a skating party on a bunch of kids recovering from knee surgery.

You, as the parent, get to set the parameters, for instance "the birthday party can't be at the house this year" for whatever reason, pick one! Or if the back garden is a little small or in disrepair suggest the park or if there aren't enough parents that are willing to help make that work get your kid to come up with the idea for an outing. In any case, regardless of the age of the kids, get them involved with their own birthday party, they will enjoy it more and they will thank you for it.

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