Irish Party

Published : 13/02/2009 14:17:51
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This past year, we have had the privilege of attending a few parties with national themes. We attended a French party, and we attended a Mexican party. My five year old daughter really enjoyed the salsa tasting competition at this one. A takeoff on the Mexican theme was a tequila tasting party that I really enjoyed. Being neither French nor Mexican, I could not judge the authenticity of these parties, but I could confirm that they were all fun.

My wife's sister and her husband picked up on this theme and decided to throw an Irish party. My wife's family is part Irish, and I have eaten some of my mother in law's cooking, so I am confident that, if nothing else, there would be some great corned beef. This may be where the authenticity started and stopped, though.

Everyone was dressed in some kind of green. That was mandatory. My fourteen year old niece was in charge of painting shamrocks on faces. Both my five year old daughter and my eight year old son had one painted onto each cheek. I had one painted on one cheek before my niece complained that my whiskers were tearing her paintbrush.

Aside from the food and the face paint, this Irish party also featured a "real" piece of the Blarney Stone. Instead of having to hang upside down, this stone was just passed around. Everyone who kissed it was suddenly able to speak in a most eloquent and flattering manner. Even the kids, once they figured out what was going on, got into the act. On the way home, I pointed out to my wife that she and her sisters must have clearly kissed the real stone at some point. She responded in a rather unflattering way by suggesting that I kiss something else.



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